Perdekop Hiking Trail

Perdekop Hiking Trail Garden Rout

Perdekop Hiking Trail Garden Route  

Perdekop Hiking Trail in the Garden Route starts and ends around the corner from Harkervile Forest Lodge.

The route is a 9,5km average difficulty hiking trail with moderate up and downhill inclines.

Upon entering the forest one immediately has a sense of wonder, similar to that of Alice in Wonderland, as you are immersed in beauty and within the sanctum of the tall trees of every kind and shape.

The canopy is thick and laden with branches and vines that reach high up into the sky, blocking out most of the direct sunlight.

Early mornings on this trail are cold and moist but a definite pleasure to set off on ones journey.

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The forest is a buzz with sounds from every direction, with the songs of a multitude of birds and bugs.

Do mind your step as you share the path with the smaller creatures of the forest such as the giant Cockroaches that make a cute squeaky sound when startled, the Roly Poly (Woodlouse) which quickly roll themselves into a ball when you near them and the millipedes which happily go about their day with not much care for the human traffic.

The sounds keep changing as you step from one world to the next, at times you will find yourself in a section that is devoid of all sounds but that of your own heartbeat and footfall, take a rest in that area and feel what true silence is like, as I am sure few of us ever get to experience that, the silence in itself is healing and most peaceful. 


As you wander through the woods on the small winding path you find that the environment changes constantly depending on the amount of sunlight let through the trees or lack thereof, that determines the type of plant and mushroom growth that can be found, as well as the array of stunning mosses and lichen which bring even richer color to the ever changing green and brown backdrop around you. The darker a section of forest the richer the moss is and the deeper the plethora of colors of plants, which makes it a true wonderland. 


What I find to be very therapeutic is to sit down by a thick patch of moss and to touch it, feel the coolness and soft spongy effect, put your bare feet on them and rest them from the walk, this will make your feet feel much better. The hanging moss offers a different feel, like soft hair in a way. Some stretches of the path is thickly covered with leaf matter from the above trees  and create a soft colourful carpet on which to walk, connect with the earth here and take off your shoes to experience what the leaf carpet feels like as it cushions your feet with the cool damp earth underneath. The stretches of leaf carpet tend to change with the varying trees, keeping it most colourful and enriching to behold. 


The smells are also constantly different depending on which area you are in and when the wind blows a soft breeze through the trees it carries a multitude of interesting forest smells to fill the sense. The smells can be anything from the flowers high up in the canopy, the water streams nearby or even the damp earth and mosses paired with the smell of fungi in certain places which gives off a sweet nutty aroma. 

Often the wind will carry with it the coldness from the deeper darker parts of the forest and send a slight shiver down the spine, which on a hot humid day can be very refreshing if not a little ominous if you wander this path alone.  As the day draws on and the environments are at a constant change, you may find yourself at a small waterfall where you can take a long rest and revive your soul and cool your tired feet in the flow of the stream.


Now here comes a fun fact, the barking of the buck, which for some can be an utterly terrifying encounter but a great story to tell. If you wander around quietly enough to not be noticed you might walk close enough to an unsuspecting Bush buck and give it, and yourself a good startle as the buck will loudly dash away through the forest, barking loudly as it flees from you, leaving you thinking that you had just encountered a very large dog in the middle of the jungle, happily so that it was after all just a Bush Buck.  This is truly a place to experience and make a deep connection with nature on all levels. Come find peace here in the wilds of the jungle.  

Perdekop Hiking Trail