What is Birds of Eden on the Garden Route?

Birds of Eden Knysna
Birds of Eden Knysna

Birds of Eden is the largest single-dome free-flight aviary in the world and a world-class free-flight bird sanctuary located on the Garden Route in South Africa.

It spans 2 hectares (5 acres) and houses over 3,500 birds from 220 species.

The sanctuary’s unique feature is a 2-hectare dome that spans over a gorge of indigenous forest, creating a safe and natural habitat for the birds.

Some key features of Birds of Eden:

  • Massive free-flight aviary: Birds can fly freely within the dome, allowing visitors to observe them in a more natural setting.
  • Walk-through experience: Visitors can explore the sanctuary on a 1.2 km walkway that winds through the forest canopy.
  • Variety of bird species: The sanctuary is home to a wide range of African birds, including parrots, hornbills, turacos, and raptors.
  • Rehabilitation and conservation: Birds of Eden also serves as a rehabilitation center for rescued birds and participates in conservation initiatives.